Monday, September 29, 2008


A quick note - I must proclaim my praise and thanks to God tonight for getting me through the day.  The Fulbright interview was 180º different from last year's.  The professors were courteous, they seemed interested in my positions and asked legitimate questions that I could actually answer quite easily, and they offered a few suggestions for both the personal statement and the proposal.  

I was so nervous beforehand, I thought I was going to wring my hands to death.  I barely slept for more than 5 hours last night, and I almost forewent any breakfast due to nerves.  Last year's experience was so traumatic, I seriously considered not going through with this a few times.  I know I had a number of people praying that I could remain calm and focused, and I could certainly feel the effects of those prayers.  I was unusually calm when I finally got there, I didn't shake or stumble over my words - I felt confident.  It was a radical shift from last year.  

Now I get to make some revisions and translate everything into Spanish for the final drafts.  Whoo-hoo.  Thanks for the support/prayers.  

And here's to all of my fellow Fulbright applicants.  I wish you all the best with the applications and interviews.  And remember to be happy you're not applying to Spain and so don't have to translate your proposal into a different language. :-) 

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