Thursday, November 19, 2009

All about God, folks

Some things I need to share:

1. Mom should be finishing her 10th and last radiation treatment. Well, last for now. I have no idea what to expect when she goes to the oncologist next Wednesday. I'm just praying that he gives her any good news, since I don't know how any of us will cope if she gets bad news the day before her favorite holiday. God has been good, and she hasn't had any significant side effects so far with these last 4 treatments. But it's been a long time since we had any significant good news.

2. God was especially good to me today. You see, last night I woke up after about 90 minutes of sleep feeling nauseous at 2 am. I poured a glass of 7-Up and spent most of the night reading & listening to teaching online. I didn't fall back asleep until 7, and my alarm (well, phone) went off a 8. Somewhere around 5:30 or 6, I was praying about some stuff and asked something I don't think I've ever asked before.
**You see, the fact that I slept for less than 3 hours last night would normally mean that today I'd be stuck in bed with a killer, knock-down, drag-out, plunging nails into your temple kind of migraine. The kind that doesn't go away until I sleep for a good 8 hours, so not until evening. Considering that I was sick at the start of the week and missed two archive days, I didn't want to miss another day. So while I was praying, I asked God if He would honor the fact that I had turned to Him to pass the night, rather than to other things or people, and, by honoring that, give me the ability to get to work when my alarm went off.

I was at the archive by 9:15.

I am so thankful. I couldn't afford to lose a third work day today, but He was faithful. And, as of 4:15 p.m., I have yet to have a headache. I was horribly fatigued in the archive, and didn't last much past 12:30, but I made it. I got through another box of documents.

3. I'm spending a lot of time in scripture these days. Reading. Listening to it (my church gave me a free cd with the spoken new testament - I've listened to it at least twice all the way through). Going through studies via my Tucson pastor's sermons online. I'm still working on this whole "Cast all your cares upon Him" thing. I guess He's been trying to convince me for a long time that He really is sufficient, and that when no one else is around, He will give me what I need to make it through the day. That's good. I still wish I had people to really connect with on a daily basis, but it's good to know that even in some of my darkest hours, He is faithful.

4. Speaking of reading, I started a "through the bible in a year" thing back in August. I've never made it past 2 months before. Well, I'm in to month 3 now. The way it's set up is you read 2-3 chapters in the Old Testament and one in the New each day. So far, I've read the Torah, Joshua, am about 6 chapters into Judges, and finished Matthew, Mark, and half of Luke. I think the only reason I'm sticking with it this time is because God is really drawing me to Himself. I have a somewhat insatiable hunger for Him right now.

Don't get me wrong. I'm still awfully lonely, I still am sick more often than not. But through it all, God is good. I know He's with me. And that, my friends, is amazing.


danseuse said...

You KNOW I have to reply to this! At IHOP we talk a lot with healing about how we sometimes want the big "raise them from the dead" but we don't do the little things. So when we lay hands on a person or pray for ourselves and the pain goes away but comes back we think, oh rats, it didn't work! But then we go, okay, did you try to make your headache go away before? Did you have that magic? Did SATAN give you relief? So like you are saying, the Lord did--most likely in tandem with your own increased faith (Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God).

All that to say that I am never EVER going to stop believing you can be HEALED OF MIGRAINES. 100% forever. Actually, one of my friends at IHOP just got healed. Right now I have been watching more testimonies of healing since they have had this big renewal deal (and it's REAL--I know those people) --which you can watch free 6-midnight CST and anytime of archives testomony clips

My point is the same God who did that for you last night has the same power to do it FOREVER. My friend, I am believing you to be free of migraines. If God can't do that He is not God. Hang on to this moment as a literal memorial stone for the next time. You are not sentenced to a life of this and if you yell at me and defriend me and get frustrated with me :-) I will still believe God over you (which I think you know I mean in a positive way!)

More Than Science said...

I hope your mom is doing okay.