Saturday, August 27, 2011


This week has been a trying week, but there is much to celebrate and for which to praise God. Obviously, the first few days of the week were very difficult, learning that Mom's cancer was growing in a new spot again. That day and night for her were awful, and when they tried to do her first radiation treatment, she was in extreme pain and it was pretty traumatic.  The nurse was very patient, however, and let Mom figure out a way to move into position that worked for her.  Thank God for that nurse!

But things improved after that.  They have upped her pain meds quite a bit, and that evening, the thing that never happens in hospitals happened: they let her sleep for 6 hours, uninterrupted! She felt wonderful Thursday, and, after her second radiation treatment, she was discharged! It was really a wonderful day. And, on my end, I managed to record four lectures in two days, so I have a month of lectures ready to go.  Yesterday I managed to get access to Blackboard and spent most of the afternoon/evening setting up my two classes.  I still don't have an email account, however, so that's problematic for multiple reasons.

Today, my husband and I went to a class for newcomers at our church.  It was a really interesting experience, and gives me a lot more confidence that this is the church home God is calling us to.  It was also a welcome time for us to be together.  Last night we had some things we had to talk through, and it was a bit stressful.  So it was nice to have worked through some of that and have time as a couple today.

So yeah... this week has been really hard but God is still good.

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