Wednesday, September 5, 2012



What is $38?  To you, $38 might be:
  • A nice dinner for two (at least, for my husband and I, that would be a very nice dinner).
  • Three or four new books to read.
  • Two movie theater tickets or two new dvds.
  • $1.27 per day - probably less money than your daily cup of coffee or that soda you buy from the vending machine at work every afternoon.
  • One dinner for your family of four at a fast-food restaurant.
  • What you pay for a month of high-speed Internet

But to a child living in poverty around the world, $38 is so much more.  $38 can change the world for a child.  To a child living in seemingly hopeless situations, $38 means:
  • Medical care - both basic instruction in personal hygiene and medical attention to treat illnesses for the child and their family.
  • Education - the provision of school supplies, school fees, literacy programs, possibly tutoring - all things that the child would not be able to receive or would only be able to receive for a short period of time
  • Food for the child and their families to prevent them from starving
  • Individual attention and love through a local church and their volunteers
  • Training in social skills and the chance to develop self-confidence
  • The chance to be told the good news that Jesus loves them, died for them, and wants to be their Lord and Savior
  • Hope
Do you need tangible proof that this is even possible? Good - because I can show you!

$38 a month can radically change the life of a child and their family.  Will you consider sponsoring a child through Compassion International?

You can change the world.  You can start by changing it for one child who needs you.

If you can't sponsor a child, will you consider going to the Compassion Sponsorship page and praying over the children found there?  Perhaps you get overwhelmed by the enormity of the need.  What can you do?   Here are a few thoughts:

1) Search for a child whose birthday matches yours or one of your children, and pray for that child whenever you pray for your own child or whenever you think of your birthday.

2) Go to the Sponsorship Page and read about the lives of the children who are waiting for sponsorship.  Explain to your children or grandchildren or siblings what these children's lives are like.  Use this to teach the children in your life about poverty, compassion, and what it means to love others and to be grateful for what God has given you.

3) Learn about what Compassion does for children around the world and pass on the information to your friends, your family, your church.  Share God's love for these beautiful children.

Jesus said, "Let the children come unto me."  Can you give up $38 a month to give one child hope and a future?  Will you love these children on behalf of our Lord Jesus?

Please go, look at the faces of the children God loves, and pray that God would provide someone to love them.

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